How To Mute Notifications On Discord

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How To Mute Notifications On Discord

Just mute a server altogether! Open the server you want to mute and tap its name at the top of the channel list. Find the icon of the server whose notifications you want to mute in your server list and right-click on it. How to disable direct messages on Discord? In this tutorial, I show you how to turn off direct messages in Discord on a desktop PC, Macbook, or Chromebook. You can update your profile and include your pronoun or other personal information there. Right-click your name just as you would with changing your nickname and click Profile. To see your profile, other users must click on your name, so it’s not as visible as the previous two options. However, your profile can include additional text that wouldn’t fit at the level of your nickname or status.

How do I turn on notifications on discord?

Enable Desktop Notifications for Discord. You can firstly check if you’ve enabled desktop notifications for Discord. You can open Discord app, and click the gear-like User Settings icon, and click Notifications under App Settings. Check if the Enable Desktop Notifications option is enabled, if not, turn on this option.

Channel mutes and Server-wide mutes are the two effective ways of muting Discord notifications. A go-to and one of the easiest ways to keep notifications turned off is to turn on the Do Not Disturb mode. If you are using the desktop version of Discord, go to the bottom of the screen and click on your profile picture. Select the Do Not how to turn off discord notifications Disturb option, and you are good to go. This ishow you can mute Discord notifications for everyoneon the server. When you mute everyone on Discord, you will not receive a single pop-up notification on your Windows PC. You won’t receive any notifications from messages inside of it. Do you want to kill multiple birds with one stone?

Disable All Discord Notifications Sounds And Desktop Alerts

You can mute and hide categories belonging to other cohorts. This makes the number of visible channels less cluttered. Right-click on a category you want to hide and set Mute Category to Until I turn it back on. Then right-click on the server icon and select Hide Muted Channels. You’ll still be able to see the category name but it will be greyed out. Right-click on the server icon and you’ll see an option to Mute Server. During class hours, you may want to temporarily mute other servers. Another option, if you have a free email address and multiple servers to mute, is to make another Discord account just for Epicodus classes. Go to the channel or server that you want to mute notification from.

How do you block bad words on discord?

Discord mobile notifications not working: Here’s how to fix it. Open phone settings and then tap on the Notifications. Tap on the Discord app and make sure Show Notifications is enabled. Once done restart your phone and try again to check this resolved the issue.

Swipe left on the channel to open the members’ list. Tap on Notificationson the top. Another alternative method for quickly muting the whole channel is as follows. If you don’t want to mess around with Discord’s settings and want to disable the app’s notifications altogether, you can do so from Windows Settings. However, having joined a bunch of servers, the insane amount of notifications, you can end up receiving an insane amount of notifications.

How To Disable Discord Notifications?

You can mute Discord notifications on all platforms and get rid of unnecessary messages on the device. Millions of Discord servers have active users, which leads to frequent conversations in the open chat channels. I receive hundreds of Discord notifications per day, and it is common for an average user to join multiple servers in a month. Of course, we cannot bear the alert sound notifying a new message every minute, and you can mute them individually or the entire server itself. You can disable discord notifications on a server-by-server or by user-by-user basis. Turning off the notifications from the channel means you won’t get the alert to unread messages. Under the settings, you can not only turn off the desktop notifications but also the message alert sounds. Check the article for the complete instructions how to disable discord notifications. If you want to stop popups for an entire server, you can choose to mute the server itself.

How do I mute discord?

Enter the server that has a channel you want to mute, and open the channel. 2. In the desktop app, right-click the channel’s name and select «Mute channel.» You can then pick how long you’d like to mute the channel for. You can also click the bell icon to mute a channel indefinitely.

She is very funny and energetic in life, and always brings friends lots of laughs. Open Discord software, right-click the Server icon in the left panel, and select Notifications Settings from the list. Click Voice & Video in the left panel, and click the drop-down icon under Output Device to select your output device as the default device. You can firstly check if you’ve enabled desktop notifications for Discord. With the above steps, you should know how to turn off Discord notifications for all sounds and desktop alerts. Next, select the “Mute” option located at the top of the next page, and select how long you’d want to mute the server for. Locate the icon of the server whose notifications you wish to mute in your server list and right-click on it. Additionally, if you right click each channel you’re in you can see the per-channel notification settings. Now you might be also eager to know what to do in case if you are not receiving discord notifications. From the notification settings click on Mute which is the first option.

How To Mute Discord Notifications On Ios Devices?

And these two are the same for Android and iOS smartphones. In both the two ways, you are going to mute notifications not turning off. You can use the same procedure to turn off notification for any apps. Just choose the app and turn off Show Notification toggle. In both Android and iOS smartphones, you have the option to turn off notifications from a specific app. The steps are more or less the same for Android and iOS smartphones. In Android 10 or later, you have an advanced option, where users can choose the interval between each notification. Follow the tutorial to comprehend its function and the number of options you have there. That’s all we have on our guide about muting notifications on Discord.

Open Discord dashboard and pull up the server where you have your channel. You will get the same options in Notification settings as explained in Method 1. Tap on the three-dotted icon visible at the top of the screen. Right-click on the name of the user you wish to mute. Choose the Time frame to choose from the drop-down menu as 15 minutes, one hour, eight hours, 24 hours, or until you manually turn it off. Here, click on Mute server and select the Time frame, as depicted below. Click on Notification settings from the dropdown menu, as shown. You also have the option of turning off sounds for a variety of other features from here.

How Can I Stop Email Notifications From Discord? ? How To

Is a channel blowing up endlessly, disturbing you and your peaceful solitude? Muting that channel is super easy! Just block out alerts from a single track, or shut down a number of them from a single screen. Select the «Mute» option at the very top of the next page, and select how long you’d like to keep the server muted for. To block someone on desktop, right-click their username and select «Block.» To stop receiving notifications from a specific person, you have two options. When you turn off notifications for a channel, you won’t be alerted to unread messages. This lesson covers optional settings you can change in Discord to customize and improve your workflow and share details about yourself.

Can you mute words on discord?

For instance, if you have turned off notifications for an entire server, but there’s one particular channel you’re interested in being notified about, you can turn on notifications for that single channel while leaving the rest of your notifications settings alone. This is called a “Notification Override.”

Now you will only be alerted if you are mentioned by username or if your role (your cohort or @everyone) is mentioned. After this, you won’t receive any notifications from the Discord app. In iOS smartphones, you can turn off customized notifications like Lock screen notification, badges, and banners. Some brands of Android smartphones will have this feature. You can customize it any way you want.

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